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The 'gosh darned best Texas taco recipe ever'

Yer gonna need to git:

  • Taco Shells or soft corn tortillas (your choice)
  • Ground Beef - a pound or two...depends on how hungry you are
  • Onion diced (and garlic, too.. IF you are a garlic lover as is Billy Bob)
  • Picante Sauce
  • 1 can pinto beans with sliced jalapeno peppers OR cook yer own
  • Cheese - Mexican 'Four Cheese' kind that comes already grated up
  • Package Fritos (crush some up)
  • Lettuce - shredded fine
  • other garnishes like a few chopped black olives and a smear of sour cream and a teaspoon of guacamole are also permissable if you really want to gussy up your treat. Billy Bob can't recommend the addition of anything further as it might distract from the mouth watering bliss that comes from savoring the suggested magical mix of ingredients that gives Billy Bob a 'taste bud thrill' each time he dines on them. Enjoy...

OK now...git busy! Whatcha gotta do next is to brown the ground meat in a large skillet with the diced onion and a few slivers of garlic. Salt and pepper to your liking. Once it is cooked pretty well...about done, stir in a can of pinto beans with jalapenos and cook on simmer for about 25-30 minutes until it gets kind of gooshy. Then stir in about 8 ounces or more of Picante sauce (Billy Bob likes it hot, but you may prefer the medium or's your choice) Simmer another minute or two and then either fill the warmed crisp taco shells with the meat mixture and garnishes OR put a bit of butter into a very small skillet and warm a soft corn tortilla in the butter until it is able to be rolled. Then, put the meat mixture in and add a few crushed Frito chips on top of the meat before rolling it up like a burrito. Yum!

Don't ferget to leave some for your resident roaches. They'll love you for it!


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