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Q: Why a 'Hero' Cockroach?

A: Billy Bob is a figment of my wild imagination. Actually, the idea came to me all the way back in the mid 80's while riding through the Texas Hill Country outside of San Antonio. While enjoying the scenery and chatting with a good friend I've known since high school, we began discussing the possibility of creating 'a character' to develop as a product. We were intrigued by the success of the pet rock so many years ago and just began brain storming and throwing out 'wild cards' for ideas. Had a lot of laughs before I got up the nerve to suggest the idea of a 'hero cockroach' during the jovial spirit of the moment. My friend made a terrible face and went "eeeeuww", or something like that, so I discerned that she didn't want to be a part of that particular creative expression ... at all. Period. So I shut up. I let the idea simmer for over a decade while I sort of wrote the outline for the story in bits and pieces. Finally, I couldn't stand it anymore. I ran my idea by a close friend - quasi-wacky like me - and she adored the idea of Billy Bob and gave me the courage to flesh him out ... so to speak. So, out of my daydreams he came... to take his rightful place among all the other 'not human' fictitious hero figures in today's world.

Q: Is Billy Bob a real, but dead, cockroach that has just been painted golden?

A: No way! Billy Bob is an authentic all-brass designer original - highly collectible - piece of conversational costume jewelry. Be assured that our Billy Bob cockroach pin is not a recycled critter and has never, never EVER walked the face of the earth.

Q: Doesn't it take more than a hat, boots, six-shooter and guitar to be a cowboy?

A: Billy Bob doesn't think so. Don't tell him otherwise and spoil it for him, ok?

Q: Why a cowboy cockroach? Why not a plumber...or lawyer or surgeon roach?

A: It seems that Billy Bob just chose his role in life and it was fated. There was never any thought to making him anything other than what he is - a cowboy...more specifically, a Texas cowboy!

Q: Is Billy Bob really faithful to Rosie. Are they truly mated for life?

A: You bet! Billy Bob only has eyes for Rosie...and she, of course, for him.

Q: What's with Billy Bob's interest in his offspring? Are you telling me that roaches have an interest in their kids or something?

A: Of course. Why would you think otherwise?

Q: Will there be a sequel to Billy Bob's story?

A: Don't hold your breath or get your heart set on it, ok?

Q: What possible good can come out of creating a 'hero' roach?

A: Perhaps Billy Bob's message to not give up on the dreams in your heart and the visions in your head will reach someone just in the nick of time. Most importantly, though, is that Billy Bob made a plan of action and carried it out. He wasn't just a daydreamer. Certainly that much is inspiring to some degree isn't it? He did what he could do as he was equipped in life. Saving the damsel in distress did ultimately pave the way for him to achieve his goal of getting to Texas. His good deed did pay off in spades. But, please...don't be envious. Make your own plan of action TODAY - to achieve YOUR special dream and then go for it...with gusto!

Q: I wasn't expecting such a happy ending to the story. Was sort of hoping that Billy Bob would get squashed!

A: Sheesh! Give me a break. Have a heart...just like all of us, roaches need love too! Hopefully Billy Bob's upbeat motivational story will make you re-consider the positive contributions that roaches may be making in our lives that we aren't even aware of. Er...well, it COULD be, couldn't it? Oh man, you caught me off guard with that comment. I am shaken to the bone with the very thought of a story outcome with Billy Bob's demise.

Q: Grandpa seems a little strange. I mean, what kind of person would welcome a roach into their home?

A: Well, I'll say this: Attitude is everything and Billy Bob just oozes PERSONALITY which goes a long way in making BB a rather attractive houseguest. Besides, don't forget that Billy Bob was the champion of darlin' Suzy Lou and that he could do no wrong in her eyes. Certainly that must have influenced Grandpa's decision to welcome him into his sprawling Texas ranch house.

Q: Just how long do roaches live anyway?

A: Dunno. But it seems to be that Billy Bob has indeed enjoyed the good fortune of having longevity. Of course, he celebrates that fact and never takes it for granted.

Q: Is it true, really true that Billy Bob hosts yearly retreats with thousands of roaches in attendance?

A: Yes. Many people actually notice a significant reduction in the number of cockroaches running around their homes during a certain time of the year. Well, it is because they are traveling to Billy Bob's Roach Ranch & Motivational Retreat in Texas to sit at the knee of Billy Bob and soak up his wisdom. Of course, the roaches do return back home to their loved ones they left behind. BUT, they are better roaches for having made the journey AND for having been exposed to Billy Bob's positive thinking and self-esteem teachings. It's the only place that we know of so far where roaches can enjoy 'state of the art' personal development training. Still in all, Billy Bob is 'one in a million' and very few other roaches ever enjoy the same level of success and respect. It's just a fact of life, unfortunately.

Q: Is there a fan club for Billy Bob?

A: Oh yes, of course. Most fans just show their adoration by purchasing the pins, t-shirts, coffee mugs and mouse pads which just simply thrills Billy Bob. He never dreamed he'd develop such a 'cult following' and is humbled beyond belief at the overwhelming outpouring of good will and expressions of love bestowed on him. And ya know...sometimes Rosie does become slightly troubled that Billy Bob will,at some point, become a tad conceited. But so far, BB seems to be taking his fame in stride as he seeks to further his newest mission of bringing a new understanding and sensitivity to roach owners everywhere. Always 'results oriented', Billy Bob sees himself as a 'change agent' and is determined to work to inspire a dedicated movement of more TLC for roaches everywhere. As it is now, when viewing their actions, one would conclude that the roach owners of the world really don't appreciate and do often neglect, as well as disrespect, their special little roach houseguests. But the bottom line is this: If ever there was a roach that could change the world, it would, no doubt, be Billy Bob. What a guy!


Whew! Well, I'm thinking, at this point, that this is just about all that anyone... anywhere, would ever want to know about Billy Bob that they don't already know. Thanks for your interest in Billy Bob, folks. This is all for now...I'm outta here. Besides, I'm getting really hungry for some Texas tacos. Yup, Billy Bob's favorite food!


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