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58 creative uses for YOUR Billy Bob jewelry pin

Some of the following uses are sensible - and some are quasi-wacky ways to wear, display, or otherwise show off YOUR Cowboy Cockroach, Billy Bob. And don't forget the gift possibilities! He's simply irresistible!
Here ya go - 58 suggestions to excite and stir your imagination!

  1. Pin on your cowboy hat
  2. Pin on your baseball cap
  3. Pin on your blue jean jacket
  4. Use as a tie tack
  5. Gentlemen: Pin on your suit or sport coat lapel
  6. Attach to your cowboy boots, tennis shoes or golfing shoes
  7. Glue to a belt buckle
  8. Ladies: Pin to a tote bag or purse or prom dress
  9. Convert to a refrigerator magnet
  10. Attach to a stake and use as a scarecrow in your garden
  11. Glue to a paper weight
  12. Use as hood ornament for the family car!
  13. Make into earrings - striking and impressive!
  14. Attach to mailbox as decoration; put a smile on your mailperson's face!
  15. Attach to license plate to show your Texas spirit.
  16. Use as a Christmas tree ornament.
  17. Use as a front door ornament to greet your guests.
  18. Use to decorate a fire place mantle along with your other family treasures on display.
  19. Take along on picnics to scare off pesky bugs.
  20. Give to your mother-in-law for her birthday.
  21. Give to your mother for mother's day.
  22. Makes a fabulous and thoughtful teacher gift.
  23. Use as a centerpiece for your dining table.
  24. Attach to your motorcycle helmet.
  25. Use as a hubcap decoration.
  26. 50th Anniversary present for the couple who has everything.
  27. Gift for your music teacher - Billy Bob is musically inclined!
  28. Attach to briefcase or luggage to establish a new image.
  29. Pin on your gym bag
  30. Glue to a night light fixture and watch him glow after dark
  31. Give BB and his story to your favorite motivational speaker when they experience 'burn out' and need some new inspiration.
  32. Use Billy Bob to barter with when you run out of food or are down on your luck.
  33. When you've lost all your money at the gambling tables, surprise your spouse with a BB pin as a peace offering.
  34. Use as a free giveaway for a contest for your business.
  35. Use on your uniform if you are an exterminator - inspires confidence in your services.
  36. Offer one to your physician, who you know to be an art collector, in lieu of payment.
  37. Great way to meet new ladies in the bars and clubs and get a conversation going. Make a memorable first impression by attaching BB to your drink glass with super glue.
  38. Give one to the pilot the next time you fly anywhere if he'll promise to do a good job in getting you to your destination. Reward him!
  39. Read the Billy Bob story out loud to your intended fiancée during your next romantic evening. She'll adore finding out how Billy Bob romanced his own sweetheart. Then, present her the pin as an 'engagement pin' instead of a ring (hey, it's practical - save some money!)
  40. Give one to your banker the next time you need a loan; put him in a jovial mood.
  41. If you bump someone's fender, offer a complimentary Billy Bob pin right away when getting out of your car and watch their mood lighten up.
  42. The next time a salesman comes to your door, offer to trade your Billy Bob pin for whatever he is selling or no deal.
  43. Use as a curtain tie-back.
  44. Send one to the President for a going away present.
  45. Send one to the new President as an inauguration gift.
  46. Dangle Billy Bob from your rear view mirror.
  47. Wear to an interview and be remembered; set yourself apart from the crowd of interviewees.
  48. Give as a gift to your new neighbor -forget the cake or bottle of wine?BB will make a lasting impression as the perfect housewarming gift.
  49. Attach Billy Bob to the middle of a huge blank canvas and hang over your living room couch - it's art at it's finest!
  50. Attach him to the end of your ball point pin to create an impressive writing instrument.
  51. Use him as a napkin holder at your next dinner party.
  52. Stick him on the front of a large pillar candle for a stylish room decorative accessory.
  53. Attach Billy Bob to your office door and see how long it takes to be offered a company early retirement package. : >
  54. Give a Billy Bob pin to your boss to acknowledge his next special promotion or move up the corporate ladder. He'll remember you when looking for someone to fill his shoes as he moves on.
  55. Give a Billy Bob to a sick person in the hospital to lift their spirits and watch the nurses all 'oou and ah'.
  56. Wear Billy Bob to the beach; pinned on your speedo swimsuit? you'll be invited to join in and play volleyball and won't spend a minute alone. Yes, enjoy more popularity with your Billy Bob pin!
  57. Float BB in a fish bowl. He's golden and doesn't die like your goldfish does.
  58. Billy Bob will keep you company when traveling alone. He doesn't take up much room in your luggage (and he doesn't snore!) Who needs a teddy bear now? Try snuggling with Billy Bob for a good night's slumber.


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