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Set yourself apart from the crowd!
You will always be remembered when you own and wear the ultimate piece of conversational Texas jewelry ...the one and only original Billy Bob ~ The Texas Cowboy Cockroach.

Billy Bob is definitely the ultimate piece of 'conversational jewelry'

The all-brass Collector's Edition jewelry/tie tac pin that will attract attention wherever you wear it. The classic designer original Billy Bob is wearing his cowboy hat and boots and carrying his guitar and six shooter. This original 'wild imagination creation' was created, designed and handcrafted by Texas artisan Amber Sorenson. Perfect for a unique Texas souvenir or a gag gift, and makes a great stocking stuffer.

Billy Bob the Texas Cowboy Cockroach

Order a Billy Bob brass jewelry pin
Comes with a card that has the suggested 58 ways to show off YOUR Billy Bob. What a great gift! Everyone knows that, sometimes, something more 'ordinary' just doesn't impress the recipient. So, that's why we think a Billy Bob pin is sure to be a big hit. Or, at least he will be quite an unexpected surprise for that very special occasion! The story booklet is included with each pin purchase...however please notice that Billy Bob's story can be read for free on this website.

Order a Billy Bob T Shirt or Mug
Looking for something to wear your Billy Bob pin on? How about a Billy Bob T-Shirt?

A list of 58
Sensible and quasi-wacky ways to wear, display or otherwise show off YOUR whimsical Cowboy Cockroach, Billy Bob.

Read "The Amazing Story of How Cowboy Billy Bob Made His Dream Come True"
The story tells of how he became a Texan. It's sort of inspirational, somewhat entertaining and delightfully tongue-in-cheek corny. Billy Bob is now a success & personal development motivational coach for roaches (and a few humans too) everywhere!

Billy Bob's FAQ -
Everything you'd ever want to know about Billy Bob and more! Read the answers to frequently asked questions

Shown larger than actual dimensions which are:
~ 3" L x 2 " W

The protected image of Cowboy Cockroach may not be reproduced without the written consent of the above named artist/creator of Billy Bob, the Texas Cowboy Cockroach (trademark pending)

Testimonies from Happy Buyers

Yours truly here...I wanted to thank the artisan who brought me into existance.

Billy Bob---Deep in the Heart of Texas

I'm so proud of Billy Bob. He had a dream and stuck to it until it came true. Now he's a guitar-strumming, gun-toting Texan!

Billy Bob's Mom---Akron, Ohio

"Billy Bob can lay his head on my pillow ANY night. He's got what it takes to work his way into a gal's heart"

Lu Scott---Clute, Texas

I use my Billy Bob to ward off evil spirits. So far, it's been working like a charm...

Mr. X---Memphis, Tennessee

"He's unique. That's all I can say. Never seen anything like him before and probably won't ever again."

N.G. Hart---Lake Jackson, Texas

I wore Billy Bob on my tie when I went for an important job interview. The interviewer grinned a lot. I think I'll get the job! Thanks Billy Bob!

Patrick---Austin, Texas

Billy Bob goes with me everywhere I go. He entertains my friends and acquaintances and makes them laugh. They all love him! I'm not sure, of course, but I even think he brings me good luck!

Suzanne Black---Magnolia, Texas

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